Release note 12.2

Handle buffers from the Order Management Center

We have enhanced OneStock by enabling buffer handling through the OMC. This feature aims to address stock inaccuracies and streamline stock management processes.

Key Features

πŸ€“ What are buffers ?

Buffers are a safety measure, to maintain extra stock and mitigate the risk of shortfall of items caused by uncertainties in supply and demand.

One user for all apps &
One app to manage all users

We have revamped the user management system to enable single account access across all OneStock applications. This change significantly enhances internal security and ease of use.

Key features

Where do I configure … ? Config search bar to the rescue

To address feedback about the transition to DIY configurations, we have introduced a configuration search bar. This feature provides an additional, user-friendly way to navigate OneStock configurations.

Key Features

Manual input validationΒ 

Store App users can now be asked to check that they are preparing the right product when they are doing a manual input bypassing the scanning process.

This can be done by entering, for example, the last 4 digits of the barcode.

Check parameters can be configured by admin users on the Configuration > Store App > General Parameters page.

Improvements in Order In Store module

More precise replenishment dates

For some time now, stock replenishments can be displayed on the product page. However, we were only displaying the earliest delivery date, which could cause confusion if stock did not arrive in time.

From now on, we will display the full range (earliest - latest) in order to be more transparent.

Reduce phone number errors

A new country code selector for phone numbers has been added to the Order In Store customer form. The proposed indicator is based on the country code of the stock location, which ensures the phone number is properly formatted.

Updates to carriers for a wider choice of deliveries

Our team has added a new meta-carrier: Sorted. This will allow to ship parcels with new carriers such as SEUR, Evri, Yodel and many more.

In further carriers improvements, we have added REST APIs for DHL Paket to complement the existing SOAP APIs.
The current SOAP API in v3.x are still supported but deprecated. It is recommended to migrate to REST APIs.

A new authentication method, Oauth, has been added for UPS. OAuth is a secure way for users to grant access to websites or applications, without giving away their passwords.

The new configuration can be done at the Stock location level and OneStock account owners can share a link to franchises without any OMC access to perform the login steps themselves.

And much more…

Order in Store

πŸ› On basket page, the quantity selection drop-down now displays properly.

πŸ› Modifying item quantity no longer splits order items.

πŸ› Fixed error with discount pop-in.Β 

πŸ› Fix on shipping mode display at payment phase.

πŸ› Fix on discount calculation and display.

Order Management Centre (Backoffice)

πŸ› Client roles can now view signatures.

πŸ› Scanning EANs for returns now works.

πŸ› Fixed empty delivery method bug.

πŸ› Fixed signature access for client_viewer roles.


πŸ› Resolved problem with declarations of unavailable items in certain workflows.

πŸ› Fixed bug with Delivery Promise where it was impossible to delete regular expressions.Β 

πŸ› Fixed issue with document and email manager.Β 

✨ Default Order in Store configuration is now in multi-quantity.

Extensions & Connectors

✨ Reserve & Collect: a phone prefix is pre-selected by default.

✨ Changes on Shopify connector: Proxy routes for Delivery Promise and stock queries.

Store App

πŸ› Fix issues on scan during the return process.

Legend : ✨ new feature / πŸ› bug fix

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