Release note 11.3

Manage store app translations in DIY

As the appropriate wording can vary based on the context, we have implemented a new feature that allows you to customize your store app translations according to your specific needs, directly from the backoffice.

Only available for Headquarters and Retail Director roles


Manage backoffice settings and translations in DIY

A new section in the configuration is now available to you to let you customize the backoffice pages. It allows to add filters on the order pages, customize the fields on the item pages, add columns on your tables, change the color of the orders' and lines' states

You can also customize the terms and translations on the all pages.

Only available for Headquarters and Retail Director roles

Enhanced site configuration safeguards

In response to user feedback, we have implemented enhanced safeguards for site configurations to prevent unintended changes and improve clarity. Here are the key improvements:

With these enhancements, you can be confident that only intended changes are being made to your site configurations, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and improving the overall user experience.


Reset order alerts on your own

Some alerts may not be relevant and you may wish to hide them… it is now possible to do so very easily.

You can also reset alerts from the order details page by clicking on it.

Limited to 5000 orders at a time

And much more…

Store App

When an exclusion period ends or is removed, the store now automatically gains access to the claim action, whereas, before, he might have had to disconnect and reconnect to get this access back.

We have implemented a security enhancement for retrieving push notifications to prevent potential misuse of tokens. 

It is now possible to customize the partial unclaim policy according to the order dispatch mode. To benefit from this feature some adjustments must be made to the workflow. Please get in touch with your OneStock contact.

🐛 Push notifications are now functioning properly on both Chrome and Firefox.

🐛 Milestone timers and alerts are now displayed correctly.

🐛 The cutoffs for destination milestones now reflect the latest date by which operations can be fulfilled.

🐛 The issue that caused basket item quantities to disappear in a specific scenario has been identified and resolved.

Back Office

If a site is added to an existing user account, the user can access the new site using their current password and there's no need to ask them to reset it.

In the site modules page, the CFS and CKC module have been merged into a single one, CKC.

Rulesets IDs can now contain underscores.

🐛 A typo in the SSO fallback configuration was identified and corrected. 

🐛 DP DIY : configuring a transit duration in days is now possible without any issues.


New route GET /history is available to get the cancellation reasons, and history logs of orders in general

🐛 We have fixed the from field in the GET /delivery_promise endpoint. It is once again possible to retrieve a delivery promise by simulating a from date.

Legend : new feature / 🐛 bug fix