Release note 10.3

Your users your call

We're striving to provide YOU with all the tools necessary to configure OneStock autonomously.

This time, we have focused on handing you the keys to manage your users. Headquarters role is now able to easily view, add and edit backoffice users.

Business Intelligence Suite

"How many parcels were shipped with this carrier last month from my stores? What is the average goods price in a parcel shipped from store versus warehouse? What carrier is mostly used in this country?…" We have answers!

Check the new dashboard of the BI Suite dedicated to carriers distribution.

Early Access

The module is open to a limited number of clients to get feedback and help us refine it before its general availability.

There are a couple of spots left. Get in touch with your OneStock point of contact to request early access.

Improvements on the new admin Backoffice

In the order detail view, logs have been redesigned to be more intuitive.

Thanks to performance improvements, we have been able to increase the export limit, in the order list page, from 1,000 to 5,000!

Hello! Witam! Buna ziua! Zdravo

Our Vendor Interface is now available in Polish, Romanian and Slovenian to follow you in your international growth!

It means there are now 8 different languages out-of-the-box!

Shipping documents in your hands

Some shipping documents may be lost in the packing process and may slow you down. We have extended the list of documents which can be reprinted in the customer area of the vendor interface to include shipping manifests. With this latest addition, you can easily reprint all documents required for shipping!

Easy migration - configure, test, deploy, repeat.

Using a staging environment is the best way to try new settings and build the perfect setup.

Our migration tool allows to securely migrate configurations from one environment to another. This first iteration makes it possible to export backoffice and orchestration settings from one environment and import them in another.

Currently available for system integrators, get in touch with your OneStock point of contact if you would like to use it

Delivery Promise: add new carriers from scratch!

No longer need to ask OneStock team to initialize a new carrier. You can now create it on your own, and define the associated routes.

And much more…

  • Improvements of Metaship, Swiss Post, DHL and Colissimo

  • API Portal:

    • Possible to patch original delivery promise. PATCH /v2/orders/:id

    • Trigger an orchestration candidates compute. POST /candidates/compute/:order_id

    • Create containers

  • Performance improvements:

    • Stock history engine

    • GET /orders

  • Order In Store Improvement / Bug fixes

  • DP DIY : Improvement / Bug fix to avoid timeouts observed at draft publication