Release note 11.7

Split payments in the Order in Store

In today's fast-paced retail environment, providing your customers with a seamless and flexible payment experience is crucial. To help you meet this need, we're rolling out a new feature that enables payment splitting in the Order in Store module. This feature is ideal for customers making group purchases or those who prefer to spread a large purchase across multiple payment methods.

As simplicity is key, we have tailored the user experience to be as smooth as possible. Your customers can choose to pay using gift cards, credit or debit cards, or even pay by link. By offering a variety of payment options, you're not only catering to your customers' diverse needs but also enhancing their shopping journey.

Split payments are supported by Stripe and Adyen and are compatible with two-step payments (first authorize and trigger capture when shipping items)

More intuitive navigation among product variants

You may have a lot of variants of the same product and browsing can be tedious and confusing. To address this, we've introduced a new feature that allows you to display product variations in a visually appealing way. Now, instead of just a text description, you can display an icon or an image of the variant. This is especially beneficial when dealing with variations in color or texture, as a visual representation is easier to comprehend.

How it works: you can now select either an icon or an image to represent each product variant. This not only simplifies the process of identifying and selecting the right product variant but also enhances the overall user experience.

Stock queries improvements

We understand the need for efficiency and convenience when it comes to managing your stock queries.

With our latest feature, you can now duplicate your stock query configuration key. This allows you to maintain the same parameters and settings, making modifications quick and easy.

This new feature will help you reduces the time spent on stock management and increases the accuracy of your queries by reducing the risk on manual errors.

50 000 incremental quantities of 0,01kg of sand = 500kg of sand 

500 incremental quantities of 0,01m of pipe = 5m of pipe 

Managing references ordered in units of measure

Introducing a game-changing update to OneStock: the ability to handle a customized volume of a reference managed by a unit of measure. 

Say goodbye to the limitations of products sold in fixed volumes, and offer customers the option of ordering only the quantity they need. OneStock now has the capability to manage inventory and orchestration of references guided by practical units such as kilograms, liters, meters, or even custom units designed to meet your unique requirements.

How does it work? In the product repository, you need to specify units (kg, g, etc) and atomic inventory unit (1 kg, 12 kg) for each reference. Then, while creating orders in OneStock, you just need to input the number of atomic inventory units. OneStock will then accurately manage stock levels and ensure optimal orchestration of these orders.

You'll also need to specify whether the reference is divisible or not. Onestock will be able to take this criterion into account when orchestrating orders, to ensure that all atomic quantities of the item are prepared by a single stock location.

Carrier integration & upgrades

And much more…

Back Office

✨ True false fields, booleans, can now be displayed in the order details page.

✨ In the Items DIY module, tabs have been reorganized to avoid confusion. Features are displayed first.

You are now automatically redirected to the homepage when you try to access the login page while you are already logged in

You can now configure and allow pattern research in the order list.

Order in store

🐛 At checkout, if there is no available delivery promise for a Click & Collect delivery for the current store, other collection points can be displayed.

🐛 Scan to basket was not working for items that had multiple values assigned to the scanning feature. Now, scanning works great if you scan any of the values.


🐛 GET /orders was not returning the total amount of orders in some cases, it's been fixed.

✨ Password creation and reset emails wording has been reviewed to make them clearer.

✨ Orders can now be anonymized through and API call. Learn more here.

✨ Create and edit sales channels by API. Learn more here.

Routes in each section are now displayed in alphabetic order in our API portal for a smoother experience 

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix

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