Release note 9.3

Enhanced process for
in-store returns

The customer area now gives a clear overview of the selected order. An in-store return can be declared from this page with a dedicated button opening a popin.

The reason for the return can still be selected but now a comment and the condition of the returned item can be entered as well.

Return on demand in OneStock

Return on demand are now available in OneStock. The process is simple. Clients declare what they want to return and print an autogenerated return label, then the package can either be collected from their mailbox or they can post from the carriers' office. Finally at destination, using our vendor interface, stores can validate returns.
Currently only available with Colissimo (FR)

Note : The self-service return page is a OneStock Extension.

Changing the return process may have significant impact on the configuration. Get in touch with OneStock if you are interested in using these features.

POS AlerterConcentration Mode

We have added a new features to our point of sales alerter to avoid unwanted distractions.

The alerter can be configured to open the Vendor Interface in Kiosk mode, which will run it full screen without any browser user interface such as toolbars and menus.

New carrier integration

Our carrier pool keeps on growing. We are now also integrated with Correos Express (Portugal and Spain).

And much more…

  • Delivery promise capacities support multiple timezones

  • Migrate to new version of Colissimo APIs

  • Bug fixes