Release note 11.6

Manage stock queries from the backoffice

Unravel the secrets of stock calculations with this new configuration screen! Easily handle your stock queries used in the orchestration rules, to export stock to your sales channels, or for the delivery promise.

These stock queries describe how the stocks available to sell are calculated by OneStock, based on the total stock in the different locations. For example, that's where you will be able to apply buffers to protect a part of the stock or where you can exclude items from specific locations or stop selling items in specific sales channels.

In these configuration screens, you are now able to manage the scope of items and stock locations concerned by each query, and select the elements to be deducted from the final calculation. Then, choose whether your query should be unified or detailed, and whether it will be used for total or partial export.

Customize what is displayed for orders in the Store App

Now, you have the power to easily configure your Store App Properties autonomously. Need to change the display of an order in the bag page? You can do it!

This feature puts the control in your hands, allowing you to customize and personalize your store app properties effortlessly.

With great power comes great responsability, make sure to first test your changes in a test environment, and only if everything seems right, deploy them into production using the configuration migration tool in the backoffice.

Configure payment providers from the backoffice

Easily view and modify general payment provider configuration. Changes will take effect immediately.

This configuration is not available yet for all payment providers.

With great power comes great responsability, make sure to first test your changes in a test environment, and only if everything seems right, deploy them into production using the migration tool in the backoffice.

Payment transaction details and history for Order in Store

Now, you can effortlessly access comprehensive transaction details and history. 

Dive into payment method specifics, refund subtotals, and the complete payment operations life cycle. 

📝 Key features

This configuration is not supported yet for all payment providers.

Delivery promise LARGE quantities support

We have enhanced our Delivery Promise module to support handling baskets with articles in very very LARGE quantities, including millions of units. 

Meet preparation deadlines

Delivery promise milestones help ensure that delivery promises are met. To help you leverage their power even more, we have enhanced the Store App so now you can sort orders by their milestones. Whether you're in the pack, pack-scan, bag, or bag-scan pages, sorting by pickup date will help you meet your delivery promises effortlessly. Stay on top of your orders and deliver exceptional service with this convenient update.

📝 Key features

Currently, available on the screens for pack, pack with barcode scanning, bag and bag with barcode scanning

Adyen pay by link support

Allow you vendors to generate a payment link so your customers can pay securely from their own device.

📝 Key features

And much more…

Store App

The default camera scan configuration detects EAN 13

A configuration now prevent certain roles from creating stock unavailability

The tab title changed from “Vendor Interface” to “Store app - OneStock

We now support user emails that contain an apostrophe. Users with an apostrophe in their name are now displayed properly

🐛 For returning orders, the quantity of items was not properly visible on mobile

Back Office

Better display of stock types when clicking in a quantity in the stock page 

🐛 In the DP DIY section, we block now the creation of delivery configurations with an existing ID

🐛 Items DIY : when custom properties were configured to be displayed, they did not show in the Items DIY page

Order in store

The future stock is now displayed in the catalog

Delivery methods displayed are filtered by the store's sales channel

For gift card payments, error messages are more detailed in the banner

🐛 Immediate pickup items were taken into account by the delivery promise

🐛 When displaying delivery methods, the actual shipping costs were displayed instead of the costs billed to the customer

🐛 The “Pay” message was not displayed correclty with a large amount

BI Suite

🐛 In some cases, the pickup store for click and collect stats was not displayed

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix

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