Release note 11.4

Order in Store: Improved stock location navigation

We are excited to announce that we have done several improvements to the Order In Store product page stock location navigation section to provide you with a better and more personalized experience.

Filter stock locations with available stock

We have added a filter which allows switching between the display of all stock locations and only those that have available stock. 

When you enable the filter, the system will automatically hide any stock locations that do not currently have stock. This allows you to quickly identify and focus on the locations that contain the inventory you need, saving you valuable time and effort.

But that's not all. We've also made sure to enhance your user experience by storing your filter selection. This means that the next time you access the stock location list, the filter you previously applied will be automatically remembered and applied, providing you with a seamless and personalized experience.

Enhanced current stock location map display

We have improved the map centering so that by default it centers on the current stock location coordinates. This means that independent of your connection location, the map will center on the location of the current store. This improvement ensures fast comprehension of the stock location map.

Clear display of stock location in map upon selection

Previously, when selecting stock locations from the list, the map would center on the town where the location was situated, rather than the selected stock location itself. We recognized that this could lead to confusion in certain cases.

Now, when you select a stock location from the list, the map will center directly on the chosen stock location. This improvement ensures a clearer and more accurate representation of the selected location on the map, minimizing any potential confusion.

Order in Store: Save your favorite payment device

Nothing is more boring than repeating the same action over and over… and this is the case for some salespeople who have to select the right payment device for each sale.

Now, you can choose your favorite payment entry device the first time and keep it saved for future sales done from the same store app device.

Streamlined duplication of Rules and Rulesets

Introducing a time-saving enhancement: the ability to duplicate rules and rulesets directly from the BackOffice (BO).

With this update, you can quickly create rulesets by duplicating the ones you already have, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Additionally, duplicating existing rules allows for faster rule creation, as you can leverage the settings and configurations of pre-existing rules.

This feature empowers you to efficiently replicate and modify rules and rulesets, reducing repetitive manual work and accelerating your workflow in the BO. Experience a more streamlined and effortless process as you leverage the power of duplication to enhance your rules management.

BI Suite: new widgets have been added to multiple dashboards !

Total Orders
What is the distribution of your orders per price range? Adjust your orchestration rules accordingly

Orders in Progress
Spot the stores with orders awaiting collection since more than 2 weeks and give them a call

Split Analysis
Check the number of shipments per price range and adjust your orchestration rules accordingly

BO • Personalized date formating

Enjoy a more personalized Back Office experience thanks to customizable date formats. Regardless of your language, you can now choose your preferred date format, tailoring it to your specific needs. By default we will apply the date formatting that matches your current system's regional configuration. 

Date formats can be changed from the user profile page. Enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in how dates are displayed, making your experience truly personalized.

Carrier integration & upgrades

And much more…

Store App

It is now possible to directly access a category in the catalogue according to a store property. The main use case is for franchises.

🐛 When purchasing in a store, customer information is now correctly registered in the local storage, whatever the device.

🐛 The collection page no longer displays orders with no collectable items.

🐛 Some returns could be declared without the mandatory field "return conditions". A fix has been deployed to avoid this behavior.

Back Office

If a new site_id is added to an existing user, an email will be automatically sent to reset the password.

🐛 The DP draft version no longer crashes when pre-calculations are in error.

🐛 The anonymisation configuration now correctly displays the default values.


🐛 BI Suite : the title of the dashboards is now always displayed in its entirety.

🐛 Dynamic tags : a fix has been made to avoid negative values for order and item counters

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix