Release note 12.0

DIY 100% in the Order Management Centre

Form-based configuration
Available for our most used configurations

Code-based configurations
Available for our least used configurations

Today is THE day: you can now handle all OneStock configurations from the Order Management Center (aka Back Office)!

As configuration holds great power, we have limited the access to a special type of user, the Client Admin. If you would like access, shoot a message to your OneStock point of contact, and they will create one for you.

All configurations can be found in the configuration section in your Order Management Centre.

There are two ways of interacting with configurations: form-based and code-based.

Form-based interactions are guided and give an overall better experience; code-based configuration are not guided, but still give you total autonomy. We've focused on covering our most used configurations through form-based interactions and the least used ones, in code-based.

Configuration section is only available for "Client Admin" roles.

Manage test and production values in configuration

Streamline the setup process for new projects and functionalities, ensuring a seamless transition from testing to live deployment. Our test environments now offer the flexibility to pre-configure production values alongside test settings. This approach allows for risk-free experimentation in the test phase, while your production settings are prepped for immediate activation once you go live.

This functionality ensures a smooth and efficient transition from test to production, automatically applying your production-ready configurations and eliminating downtime. Test values are exclusive to the test environment, ensuring that when you deploy, only your intended production settings are activated.

Setting test values in form-based configurations 

Setting test values in code-based configurations


Easy Rollback to Previous Configurations

We understand how critical your time is, especially when you're dealing with unexpected issues. That's why we're excited to introduce our new rollback feature in the configuration history. Previously, if a recent change caused a problem, getting things back to normal could feel like untangling a giant knot - time-consuming and stressful.

With our latest update, you can now easily revert to a previous configuration with just a click

Example:  Imagine it's Monday morning. Last Friday, you left work with everything operating perfectly. But today, something's amiss. You notice several configurations have changed over the weekend. With our new configuration restoration functionality, you're not stuck troubleshooting under pressure. Instead, you can revert to last Friday's working configuration with just a few clicks. This immediate action gives you the breathing space to analyze and understand what went wrong—at your own pace.

Tailor Store App pages to your needs

You can now tailor your store app directly from the Back Office. Customize pages to meet your unique operational needs with ease. Find all standard settings, like properties, delivery promises, and documents in dedicated sub menus in the "Page Setting" section. For more unique requirements that are tailored to the specific page, the "Specific Settings" section has you covered.

DIY Carrier Configuration:
override carrier configuration per stock location

We've refined our carrier configuration process to enhance your operational flexibility without introducing unnecessary complexities. This update simplifies how you customize carrier settings for each stock location, building on our foundational capabilities with a focus on user-friendly enhancements.

Key Updates:

Currently, this enhanced configuration flow is supported exclusively for Colissimo. We are committed to expanding our support to include additional carriers gradually. Stay tuned for future updates as we enhance our platform to cater to a broader range of logistics needs. 

Stay updated in real time with Webhooks

Unlock the full potential of your OneStock experience with Webhooks, your gateway to real-time notifications and effortless integration with external solutions. Say goodbye to manual monitoring and hello to instant, automated insights for better connectivity.

Key Benefits:


Categorize your Stock Locations

Stock queries and orchestration configuration pages are still on an improvement path, it is important to ensure that every part is set up correctly for the queries to be accurate.

Creating or modifying tags had to be done via API, even if the values of the tags in each stock location could be adjusted in the Back Office.

You can now easily set up stock location tags. With different options, all from the Back Office, accessible to advanced business users, and accelerating these configurations.

Create tags with differents parameters :

Find it on your stock location page for unique or multiple tag assignation.

Then, refine your stock queries with the proper stock location filters for the targeted stock examination, or your orchestration with the right filter and claims for the right stock location.

This feature is designed to complete our comprehensive tool for configuring stocks and orchestration efficiently.

Improved Workflow Configuration Usability

We provide a DIY page for efficient site configuration and clearer comprehension of services.

We aim to improve those pages and the user interactions.

Configuration page more user friendly

Easier interactions and visualization for an essential specificity of the OMS.

Improved Delivery Promise Configuration Usability

Delivery Promise might be tricky to configure. One missing value may break all your efforts in configuring it methodically.

You now get a warning allowing you to quickly understand that your delivery promise configuration is not working yet, and to point out which parameter needs to be corrected.

Your Passwords, Your Rules

The stronger the security, the better. It's just as important a matter for us, as it is for our clients.

In order to improve our user password policy, we now reinforce the password requirements as soon as the user is created.

Password requirements can be defined from the Back Office:

Passwords which don't conform to the rules will trigger an error with the specific details.

Shopify connector

Official OneStock Connector - Faster time to market, Lower TCO and Advanced Omnichannel Capabilities

The connector allows you to synchronise your products, stocks, and orders data between your OMS and your Shopify store. Let your System Integrator focus on your clients experience on your website instead of connecting two systems. 

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And much more…

Store App

🐛 Push notifications: Fixed unlaunch at the opening of the store app

Order in Store

✨ Free delivery threshold triggered based on mixed basket price (straight fulfilled + delivery items)

🐛 Only configured delivery methods are displayed.

✨ Customer form: set a field as optional

🐛 Catalog mode: stopped displaying of the delivery promise in the product page

🐛 Delivery Promise : hide unconfigured delivery types


We are now integrated with Fedex for deliveries EU>EU, US>US and AU > AU/NZ

DHL Express: we now support pre-printed return labels

Payment Service Providers

Adyen: support stock location URL override

Order Management Center (Backoffice)

Order details summary now supports the display of elements that are stored in a list (display the first element of the carrier priority list)


✨ Stock queries: more intuitive configuration of diff and full stock requests

Stock queries: faster retrieval of stock location in the stock location dropdown

🐛 Store App DIY translation page, translation override only intended keys

✨ Default configuration button is displayed only for configuration that actually have an existing default configuration

🐛 When duplicating rulesets, the timetable used in the original ruleset is now used also for the duplicate


✨ Carrier credentials overridden per stock locations have been secured. They are no longer returned in clear when retrieving stock locations through API.

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix

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