Release note 9.4

Reserve & Collect funnel

Multiple language support, our Reserve & collect funnel can now easily be translated to any language and can even be customised to handle your own wording.

Reserve & Collect funnel multi sales channel

Our enhanced Reserve&Collect funnel can now handle multiple sales channels. It means that available stock can be configured by sales channel, and reserve&collect orders will be assigned to the desired sales channel.

Payment provider configuration at store level

Payment providers and payment terminal configuration can be done at store level instead of at general account level, making it possible to handle more complex scenarios.

Improvements to our order in store

Client-specific promotions can now be applied using our Order in Store and connection to Promotion Engine.
Example: additional 10% discount for Gold clients.

Improved carrier integrations

We still keep up-to-date our connections to carriers.

  • We now support international shipments with DHL Express.

  • We migrated to the latest version of Colissimo APIs (version 2), to make sure that we keep on using the recommended and best supported version.

And much more…

  • Colissimo: sending of company name when available

  • New filters on the API GET /search_orders

  • Major improvements on Delivery Promise API performance

  • Betterment on our vendor interface image zoom UX

  • Improvements to our internal API request-analyzer