Release note 11.0

Business Intelligence Suite

Now available!

Leverage your data to better your strategy

The BI Suite is an additional module that allows you to make the most of the data OneStock provides to optimise your sales, costs and customer satisfaction.

This module offers a set of ready-to-use dashboards, accessible from the back office and exportable in multiple formats. After several months in early access and many adjustments and new reports delivered, this module is now in general availability!

Get in touch with our Customer Success team if you are interested in activating this module!

And to celebrate the general availability of this module, we have added 10 new dashboards!
Yes, 10

If you are interested to get access to the BI Suite, please get in touch with the Customer Success.

Stock locations performance

Who are your strong performers and under-perfomers?

How do stock locations compare to each other?

How many orders were proposed vs claimed by a stock location?

How much items were packed, bagged, reserved, unclaimed, unavailable by each stock location? And how fast? 

Volume, revenue and duration… understand how your stock locations are doing, so you can help them improve. 

Cancellation reasons

You already know how much items you've cancelled, now you'll know why and what. All you need to tackle them down!

Scan items with the camera of your mobile device

Easily boost order processing with the store app native scan functionality!

No need to install anything: you just need to use the Store App in a mobile device with a camera and activate the functionality for the stock location.

Native scanning is supported in the pages pack, bag, receive, catalog and order in store basket.

Activate and configure Single Sign-On from the backoffice

Manage autonomously your SSO policies from the backoffice. 

Configure a fallback identity provider to be used by default and assign specific identity providers based on account domains.

When editing a user in the backoffice User page, SSO authentication will be selected by default if its email domain matches a SSO configuration.

Bulk re-orchestration of your orders from the backoffice

Ask OneStock to re-orchestrate a bunch of orders quickly and easily from the backoffice!

After selecting a list of orders, a new button is available. It allows you to re-orchestrate all the orders at once, either on their current or on a specific rule.

Enter the depths of OneStock thanks to the workflow viewer

See behind the scenes

OneStock is completely flexible and allows defining custom workflow for any entity: order, parcel, line item, etc.
You will now be able to see exactly how these workflows are configured for your project.

It gives you the possibility to see all the conditions and actions followed by OneStock.
But don't be afraid, you don't have to worry about it, OneStock knows the rules to follow!

Two new filters for a better orchestration

And much more…


Bug fixes