Release note 9.6

Order in store compact navigation

We have noticed that even though a categories' navigation menu with images is beautiful, it's sometimes hard to maintain and can be a little bulky. That's why we have worked on a compact navigation menu, which swiftens the module's setup, as there is no need to choose an image for each category, and allows more space for the catalog display.

Discounts in the Order in Store

Sales are around the corner and our Order in Store module is ready to handle them. Roll out is simple, just add the price against which we should compare, and we will handle the rest.

Delivery Promise: With great power comes great responsibility

Our delivery promise is not just powerful, but now is also safer to configure. The versioning we have added to it, gives you all the tools to test and deploy new configurations safely. So you can brag of its power with peace of mind.

POS alerter OneStock extensions now supported

Given the success of our POS Alerter at improving order preparation reactivity, we have extended its scope to integrate all of OneStock extensions, with their customized icon and specific counters.

Smart orchestration rules got even smarter

Stock locations' dynamic tags can now be used as filters during orchestration.

Returns: Just scan it

We know that every second counts, that's why we have decided to support scanning in our Return Module. Using the scan is easy and intuitive, and it's supported out of the box.

Carrier updates

Handle on demand returns with UPS

And much more…

  • Delivery Promise performance improvement under high loads

  • Correction of Back-office tracking link for Mondial Relay

  • Bug fixes