Release note 10.2

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users no longer need to remember yet another password. They simply log in to OneStock using the login details of their existing corporate account.

Security is managed by your identity provider, which means that all your existing security policies (password frequency change, token duration, etc.) will be applied.

Important note for all users

The access to the Vendor Interface and to the backoffice will change for all users (whether you use the Single Sign-On or not).

The login page will now show only the login entry and a Next button.

If you don't use the Single Sign-on, the password entry will show after you click on Next.

If you use the Single Sign-on, the login page of your identity provider will show after you click on Next.

Pay remotely with HiPay "Pay by link"

The Order In Store now proposes a new payment option, with no PED required. The "Pay by link" consists in sending an email or SMS to the end customer to let him pay his orders either immediately on his mobile phone or later on, at home from his laptop.

You can now deploy the Order in store to all your stores, without having to buy PED for all of them. Just turn on the order in store, and invest on PEDs only in stores when it is really necessary.

If your customer is hesitating to buy, you can still complete the order with him and send him the link to pay later. This way, he can make his decision later!

Business Intelligence Suite in Early Access!

  • The new module Business Intelligence Suite allows you to leverage the data managed in OneStock to extract maximum value and help optimize sales, operations, costs and customer satisfaction.

  • This module offers a set of out-of-the-box dashboards that make the most of this data. Dashboards are accessible within OneStock backoffice, and can also be exported to multiple formats.

Early Access

This is the very first release of the Business Intelligence Suite. We are still working on it and building more dashboards and new reports.

The module will be open to a limited number of clients to get feedback and help us refine it before its general availability.

Business-oriented Dashboards

The Early Access version of the Business Intelligence Suite comes with dashboards pre-populated with your own data:

  • Order overview: understand and monitor your orders, their status, identify the bottlenecks

  • Split analysis: track the number of splits, the types of splits, their impact…

  • Cancellation: monitor the cancellation rates and what orders are concerned

  • Return rates: visualize the return rates, their evolution, what sales channels or delivery method are more concerned

  • Store contribution: understand how stores contribute to your omnichannel revenue and activity

  • Stock locations: visualize the current configurations of your stock locations in OneStock, check what modules are activated or not

APIs: more detailed error codes

We have added a lot of checks in our APIs to verify the input data and return appropriate error codes rather than unexpected errors.

It means that the API will now return new, more explicit, error codes in such situations: error codes 404, 409, 504 may be returned instead of error 500.

Percentage discount in catalog

Since not everyone has a PhD in mathematics, it is much easier to share with a customer how good an offer is by showing it directly on the screen. Thanks to our new catalog enhancement, forget the math headaches and keep on selling.

HiPay payment integration improvement

The Order In Store module now uses the latest version of the HiPay APIs to connect to the PED for payment in store.

Any client using the Order In Store can now use this API with HiPay.

And much more…

  • Carrier improvements:

    • Updates on DHL Paket, Metaship, UPS, DHL, Bartolini integration

    • Improvement of parcel declared value / weight calculations

  • OneStock new backoffice:

    • Delivery promise - Improvements :

      • Delivery config stock request management

      • Operation management

      • Carrier creation

    • New page to manage scheduled events

  • Backoffice Order Tiles/Alerts: upon re-orchestration the "rules-over" order tile decrements automatically