Release note 11.5

Boost your product offering with bundles!

Introducing the highly anticipated support for item bundles in OneStock! We are thrilled to bring you this powerful tool that will take your product offering to the next level.

With bundles, you can effortlessly group multiple items together and offer them as a single package to your customers. Imagine the possibilities of creating unique product combinations that will captivate your audience and drive customer satisfaction.

For example: put together baskets with sets of beauty products. Or sell a set with a games console and 2 extra controllers.

Just describe your "bundles" and OneStock will calculate the stocks and expose them on the sales channels.

We have made it our mission to ensure that working with bundles is a breeze. Simply declare a group of items as a bundle in OneStock, and let our intelligent system handle the rest. Bundles seamlessly integrate with our orchestration, delivery promise, and stock management features, making them incredibly easy to integrate into your existing workflow.

One of the standout features of bundles is the dynamic stock calculation. Our system automatically calculates the stock availability of bundles based on the inventory of its components. This means you can confidently offer bundles without worrying about stock discrepancies or fulfillment issues.

Get ready to impress your customers with irresistible bundles, thanks to OneStock.

New and Improved Order Details Page

We are thrilled to unveil the revamped backoffice order details page, designed to simplify the order management process for our valued client service users. 

Key highlights of this update include a new items list summary prominently displayed at the top, providing a quick overview of all items associated with the order. Additionally, we have relocated the existing parcels list details below, allowing for a more intuitive flow of information. 

To further streamline operations, we have incorporated a total item count within the items section, enabling users to quickly assess the quantity of items involved. Similarly, the parcel section now showcases a total parcel count, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the order's shipment details. 

For seamless navigation, users can effortlessly access parcel-specific information directly from the items section. 

To enhance user experience, both the items and parcels sections can be easily folded, allowing for a clutter-free view of the order details. 

Two-step payment processing in Order in Store

We have bettered our payment service for Order In Store so that we can now handle payments in two steps: authorization and capture. This feature is a game changer when it comes to handling payments, as it make the Order in Store compliant with the latest payment processing policies and opens up the possibility to onboard US based clients who demand this process !

Why authorize and capture? 

📦 Operational Flexibility: Align the payment process with the order fulfillment. By first performing an authorization, that blocks the funds on the client's account, and then capturing the funds upon order fulfillment.

💰👮 Risk Management: Mitigates risks associated with fraudulent or invalid transactions by validating funds upfront and taking appropriate action

⚖️ Regulatory Compliance: Some companies in the US demand payment services to handle authorization and captures.

We currently support two-step payments with Adyen and Stripe

New Payment service: Stripe

We have added Stripe to our Payment Service Provider pool for Order in Store. Stripe supports both immediate capture, and authorization and capture payment flows.

Backoffice improvements: in constant evolution to meet your needs!

We are excited to announce the release of several improvements to our backoffice that we believe will greatly enhance your experience and productivity. Here are the key improvements in this release:

1. Gain screen space by collapsing the side menu: We have revamped the side menu to allow you to collapse it, giving you more screen space to work with. This not only improves the aesthetics but also ensures consistency with the design of our Store App. Additionally, the menu now features an image of your company, making it easier to identify the site you are working on.

2. More mobile-friendly: We understand that you are constantly on the move, and we want to ensure that you can access the power of our backoffice wherever you are. We have made the login and orders pages mobile-friendly, allowing you to stay productive on the go.

3. New filtering options to boost productivity: We have introduced two new filtering options to help you find information more efficiently. Firstly, you can now filter stock locations by a list of IDs. Secondly, we have added the ability to filter stock locations impacted by scheduled events, simplifying the process of removing stock locations from the selection.

4. Clutter-free logs: To improve readability, we have collapsed the notifications logs by default. This ensures that your logs are clean and easy to navigate, saving you time and effort.

5. Help during orchestration rules configuration: We understand that configuring orchestration rules can be complex. To assist you in making the best decisions, we have added contextual help sections that provide guidance and support throughout the configuration process.

6. Improved backoffice configuration: We have revamped the backoffice configuration section, making it more intuitive and aligning it with the other configuration sections. This improvement ensures a seamless experience when customizing your backoffice settings.

7. Improved backoffice translations configuration: We have transitioned the current translation page to our user-friendly translation page, which we previously released for managing Store App translations. This enhancement simplifies the process of managing your custom translations and ensures consistency across your entire platform.

Add gift cards in a snap

We have listened to your feedback and have enhanced the Order in Store payment funnel to include the ability to add gift cards using our native scan feature.

No more wasting time with manual entry! With just a simple snap using your phone's camera, you can now effortlessly add gift cards during the payment process. This will save you valuable time and make the checkout process even smoother for both you and your customers.

We hope that this new feature will be a valuable addition to your selling toolkit and help you provide an even better customer experience.

And much more…

Back Office

✨ When a configuration is changed in production, the site name and the logo appears to avoid mistakes 

✨ Stock location information such the address can now be locked to avoid an override the next import 

✨ Change password section is not displayed for SSO users. 

🐛 The phone number format is now always correct when the modification is made from the order page.

🐛 The manual claiming pop-in no longer generates an error when there are a lot of stock locations 

🐛 Order details : In some cases a bag was displayed for parcels, when a box should be displayed instead 


✨ The delivery promise can be respected for orders which are fulfilled with future stock far in the future. 

Store App

Error messages details now appear on the Store App when there is a payment error in the OIS. We hope this will give you more information to handle simple errors on real time.

✨ Change password section is no longer displayed for SSO users.


✨ When an order is anonymized, it's now flagged for easy identification. As a result, anonymization works much better on large projects. 

✨ Improved order geocoding. We have added safeguards to avoid incorrect geocodings. 

✨ Additional details in the delivery promise API response : list of items served by each route. 

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix