Release note 10.0

New backoffice on the launch pad 🚀

OneStock's new backoffice will be made available to all with this new version!

Don't worry, there's no rush, you can still use the current one. The switch can be made when you're ready, as the two backoffices will run in parallel.
So do not hesitate on getting acquainted, as there is much to discover.

Improved analytics

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Sisense, world renowned business intelligence software solution. Analyzing wide periods of data is no longer an issue. As well, there is a a number of out of the box features to help you get the best understanding of your data, as dimensions drill downs, new key indicators, and much more.

Autonomous Delivery Promise configuration management

Configure and model the dispatch grid of your delivery promise autonomously. View your live configuration and create a draft to make changes. Easily test and compare delivery promises results between the live and draft version, before pushing your draft live with total confidence.

Our stock page tells the future

Become the master of stock calculations in no time. Visualize stock of multiple items and quantities at once. Understand exactly how your available stock is calculated. Change between stock requests. View future stock arrivals and dispositions details. And much more.

Redesigned order pages

Navigate through orders easier and faster thanks to our redesigned order page. We have updated its design to match with the Vendor Interface and added additional features.

Some main new features are:

- Filtering order list by endpoint type,

- Intuitive order history visualization,

- Order stock visualization in the stock page.

Redesigned point of stock management

Manage points of stock at ease with our redesigned interface. More clarity with this new design and it still supports mass updates.

Filters are now available on the page listing the stock locations so that you can easily find the ones you are looking for.

Revamped orchestration management

Set up your orchestration rules on your own with our beautiful new interface. We've added descriptions to help comprehension. And simplified interactions to make configuration easier and less daunting.

API Portal

Our API keeps on growing. Here's a brief recap of what's new:

- Creation of return parcels (POST /return_parcels)

- Filter orders by parcel state (GET /v2/search_orders)

- Recover point of stocks next seven days opened hours (GET /endpoints)

- PATCH line item groups by index range (PATCH /line_item_groups)

New carrier integrations

Our carrier pool keeps on growing. We are now also integrated with Metaship (Russia) and Parcel Force

And much more…

  • Integration of a shared design system between our Backoffice and Vendor Interface

  • Improvements in the display of Delivery promise on the Order in store pages

  • Possibility to send the preferred country for Reserve&Collect portal, to pre-select the country code in the phone field

  • Bug Fix: update of return parcel destination based on receiving point of stock

  • Bug Fix: "Only your store can claim the order" was not displayed some times

  • Bug Fix: FTP-export betterment to avoid conflicts when moving files

  • Customer area improvements