Release note 10.5

Manage, by yourself, stock locations and carriers capacity to meet delivery promise

Until now, capacity configuration required going through the OneStock team. Thanks to our latest DIY capacity management feature, you can manage daily workloads for stock locations per carrier from the back-office :

  • Track in real time the number of orders prepared by the stock location, and monitor its capacity for the rest of the day

  • Define default capacity for every day of the week, and calendar capacity for specific dates

  • With the calendar view, analyze the number of orders prepared in the past and forecast the right capacity for the future

Pay with gift cards and store credits in Order in Store

We are happy to announce that gift card and store credit payments are now supported by the Order in Store funnel.

  • Combine them with card payments

  • Add them manually - scanning or typing - or retrieve them based on client information

  • Combine them - pay with multiple ones

  • Display relevant gift card information : expiration date, balance and more

Manage, in autonomy, rulesets chainings and maximize your chances of finding the best candidate

We strive, so you have total control over your configurations. Now you can easily configure ruleset chaining from the back-office.

  • Set up a list of rulesets to run through if your order does not find a candidate during its first orchestration attempt.

  • You can define a different tolerance on the delivery promise on each ruleset.

Edit multiple items at once

Since our last version, you can display and modify information about your items. Now you can also edit multiple items at once. Find the items you want to edit by applying filters or browsing the items table. Select the ones you want to edit, click modify, make changes and save.

BI Suite : Period comparison

How was your summer sales cancellation rate compared to the winter sales one?

How did your new orchestration rules impact your activity since their change?

Order volume, basket profile, store contribution, cancellation rate, split rate, return rate, time to customer… Compare all those KPIs at a glance and adjust your order management strategy.

Early Access

The module is open to a limited number of clients.

Get in touch with your OneStock point of contact to request early access.

Manage users with access to multiple projects

Since our last release, you can view and edit the list of users associated to one specific site. Now, you can edit users who have access to multiple sites. When you create or edit a user, you can grant him/her access to sites to which you - the editor - have access.

You cannot edit or view a user who has access to a site to which you do not have access.

Export/Import configurations between environments

You can now export and import back office configurations. Use cases are multiple :

  • Backup configurations

  • Export a configuration once tested in your testing environment and import them into production

  • Export the production configuration into testing environments

  • Export a configuration for support purposes

When exporting, you can select which configurations you want. When importing, you will be able to select which configuration to import, check if they already exist and be alerted in case of possible impacts.

And much more…


  • SSO can now be used in multiple-site-access scenario

  • Vendor interface lost password additional security

  • Orchestration performance gains

  • Verify an Adyen payment status from the state graph

  • Vendor Interface : sort orders alphabetically on the claim page by a given set of fields

  • Pass on additional information when communicating with a CRM from the Order in Store

Bug fixes

  • When editing a carrier calendar, timespans were not saved in the correct order

  • When editing a carrier calendar, timespans were not displayed in the correct time slot in some cases

  • Although the editing of the Order in Store cart price is blocked, in some rare cases, store associates could still change the price

API Portal

  • New ! Create and edit stock locations through POST/PATCH /endpoints (documentation here)

  • New ! Retrieve, create and edit users through POST/PATCH/GET /users (documentation here)