Release note 12.1

New Extension Portal

The OneStock Extension Portal enables users to extend the functionality of their OMS, as well as connecting it with a large collection of carriers.

Connect OneStock with Shopify, add extensions to your Store App, use new payment providers, and more! 

With 39 applications listed on our marketplace, and many more to come, your favourite OMS just got a whole lot more functional.

Available here:

One click stock location creation

Now you can create stock locations directly in the Order Management Center, without any coding required. 

Whether setting up a project quickly or adding a new store or warehouse, our system is ready to seamlessly adapt to your needs. Benefit from automatic timezone selection and geolocation, generated from the address you provide. 

This enhancement is part of our commitment to simplify configuration and reduce the time to deploy our OMS.

New logos on the DIY carriers configuration

After Colissimo and Fedex, you can now configure UPS, Chronopost and Fancourier directly from your OMC and manage different configurations for different stock locations.

Enhancements to DIY-Stock Queries

We've enhanced the filtering capabilities for item queries, now including sales channel fields for more precise control. Additionally, setting up filters is now simpler with an autocomplete feature. This new tool automatically displays all existing values for the selected field, and it even allows you to add a new value if it isn't already listed among the imported items.

Delivery Promise fine tuning

We have added multiple ways to fine tune delivery configuration according to your needs. Candidate generation can be adapted by order price and parcel dimensions.

We have added a new parameter, allowing users to configure the quantity of items in a single parcel.

The setting is available in the delivery configuration screen. 

This addition gives more control over how orders are shipped, ensuring that the proposed carrier(s) are even more adapted to your specific needs. It also brings more efficiency to carrier attribution and granularity to transport management, while keeping the dynamic power of the Delivery Promise.

Access to specific order line information

The Order Management Center has been enhanced with a new feature that provides access to the metadata and pricing details of order lines.

Moreover, it allows users to differentiate between similar items with different information. This should facilitate the identification of items that require status updates, streamlining the order management process.

Please note: this feature must be activated in Configuration > Backoffice > Orders > Order detail > Detailed information on order lines

Create one or thousands of OMC (Backoffice) users via API

We now support the creation of Order Management Center users (aka Backoffice users) through our synchronous and asynchronous user API.  Learn more here.

And much more…

Order in Store

✨ Free delivery threshold triggered based on mixed basket price (straight fulfilled + delivery items).  

✨ Every payment transaction is now displayed for multi payments.

✨ Scan mode closes as soon as the order is complete. 

🐛 PSP transactions are not duplicated if the status is not cancelled. 

✨ Item filters are now dynamically built.

Configurations in the OMC

🐛 Custom actions are fully proposed in the rulesets and don’t cause error for ruleset saving anymore. 

🐛 The button for duplicating stock queries is now displayed correctly.

🐛 Custom actions are fully proposed in the rulesets and don’t cause error for ruleset saving anymore.  View ticket

✨ Delivery configuration publication improved

✨ Improved notification for expiration dates using new specific notifications

✨ Lock key have been replaced by test values

✨ The "send_alert" action in the workflow is now incremented by the quantities of the line item group. 


✨ Fancourier : API Update to their new API Architecture

Order Management Center (Backoffice)

🐛 Ruleset IDs are now displayed and interactive.

🐛 Item image displayed only on refresh.

🐛 DIY Items : When clicking on a item, features are displayed correctly

🐛 Candidates are no longer displayed twice in the logs

🐛 The “” field can now be displayed in the order details page.

🐛 Numerous design aspects have been corrected (position of margins, buttons, loaders, etc.)

✨ Filtering brings you back to the first page. 

✨ Improved inherited stock request display.


🐛 API : Order creation date falsely retrieved 

✨ Order logs can be created through API 

✨ Stock coverage APIs are available for external use 


✨ Store App : When two orders are claimed in quick succession, the display is enhanced.

Legend : ✨ new feature / 🐛 bug fix

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