Release note 9.7

Know your products and stocks
in all your stores

Store associates can now easily access and navigate in the catalogue and see the product descriptions. They can even scan a barcode to retrieve the product page directly.

They will easily see the stocks of every product variant (other size, other colour) in their current store, in the unified stock and in any other store, thanks to an easy-to-use store locator.

You now can easily inform your customers about any product!

Note : This feature does not require additional license fees but requires catalogue information to be imported in OneStock. Please get in touch with OneStock to turn it on.

Order In Store: independent activation of Catalogue, Immediate pick-up and Ordering

We have decided to make the role out of the Order In Store module as smooth as needed. Now you can activate it at a per-store basis to only display the Catalog (no payment), Catalog with immediate pick-up and/or ordering.

Updates to our standard Reserve & Collect funnel

We have done some upgrades to our Reserve&Collect standard funnel. We now support:

  • Display of scheduled events in the store schedule. So you can let your clients know that opening hours are different on a specific date, given a special event.

  • Filtering of stores to be displayed, per sales channel. You can show a different list of stores whether you are selling on your website or your website

  • Display the store schedule in the local timezone of the store

Orchestration: new filter on number of Shipments

In addition to the orchestration rules' filter on the number of sources, we now propose a filter on the number of Shipments. The new filter doesn't count the items that are fulfilled from the destination store for Click&Collect or Reserve&Collect.

You can easily use the stock of your collection store and keep control on your shipping costs.

And more: from now on, the items sold in "immediate pick-up" (with order in store) don't impact the number of sources or shipments.

Orchestration: prioritize the closest stores

We have extended our smart orchestration distance filter to be used as a sorting criterion. Now you can choose the closest X (configurable) candidates that respect your configured smart filters.

Order In Store: save the preferred shipping or billing addresses

In the Order In Store, you can modify the customer's addresses used for shipping and/or billing. You can now flag which address your customers prefer for shipping and/or for billing.

Your customers say it once only! The correct addresses will be selected automatically for their next orders.

Order In Store: limit discount percentage per role

You can now define a maximum discount percentage allowed for store users. Based on their role, they will not be able to go beyond this discount amount.

Display store KPIs in the Vendor Interface

Your store associates can now monitor their performances thanks to OneStock KPIs accessible on their vendor interface home page. You can focus their attention on specific metrics automatically calculated and displayed by OneStock!

New carrier integrations

Our carrier pool keeps on growing. We are now also integrated with DHL Paket (Germany).

New Payment Service Provider for Order in Store

Our payment provider service pool keeps on growing. We are now also integrated with HiPay.

And much more…

  • Orchestration: major optimization of the orchestration algorithm for items ordered in multiple quantity

  • Automatic reservation of an item for pending orders when it was completely out of stock and comes back in stock

  • Delivery Promise: possibility to define geographical zones composed of other zones, and excluding other zones

  • Possibility to allow partial unclaim during the pack step

  • Support of returns with UPS

  • Delivery promise: capacity at the endpoint level now defined either by order or by item

  • Support of stock transfers that only transfer reservations without decreasing stock in old stock

  • Stock export/import performance improvements