Release note 10.1

Notification Push 🔔

Never miss a claimable order! Notifications are sent to your Android device or to your laptop and inform you in real-time when new orders can be claimed or need to be prepared.

On Android devices, you'll get notifications even if OneStock and your web-browser are closed!

Number of orders proposed to each stock location

A new dynamic tag has been added on the stock locations. It counts the number of orders that are currently proposed on Claim page for each stock location.

Thanks to it, you can now view in real-time the number orders proposed to all the stores.
This dynamic tag can also be exploited in the orchestration rules to prioritize or filter candidates. You can now propose new incoming orders in priority to the stores that have less orders to claim.

Improvements on the POS alerter

The configuration is simplified and the store name is now displayed at the top.

New Carrier Integration

Our carrier pool keeps on growing. We are now also integrated with Post Of Slovenia.

Carrier integration improvements

  • Generation of Return labels with Mondial Relay

  • Manifest for Colissimo shipments can now be generated with their official service

  • Improvement on Correos Express integration

And much more…

  • Delivery promise - DIY Improvements : View routes that use a zone

  • Delivery promise - Improvements : Progressively shift activity search if none is found over the next 7 days

  • Delivery promise - Improvements : performance gains

  • Adyen's integration improvements

  • Orchestration improvements : performance gains

  • API keeps on evolving : last update filtering on return parcels and line item groups

  • Vendor Interface - Customer search improvements : display of order status

  • Vendor Interface - minor bug fixes

  • Order In Store - improvements : Limit manual discounts based on permanent or discounted price

  • Stock Exports - bug fix : export 0 unit when an item is flagged as unsellable or a stock location is marked as closed (only on stock diff)